Henry the Sixth is History: Military Timeline

Here’s a rough assemblage of dates/events of military importance to The First Part of Henry the Sixth…

Tomorrow, we’ll play a game of mix-and-match with the events from this timeline (as well as yesterday‘s) and the major plot points in the play.

spoiler alert: don’t expect one-to-one correspondence!

Year Event
1337 Philip III of France reclaims Gascon
Edward III states he is rightful King of France
Hundred Years War begins
1337-1360 England invasion/occupation France
1360-1369 First Peace (with England in relative control)
1369-1389 Charles V of France regains control of French territories
1389-1415 Second Peace
English internal troubles keep them from resuming war
Charles VI descends into madness
Henry V becomes king in 1413 then invades France in 1414
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1419 English take Rouen
1420 Treaty of Troyes (Henry V to inherit throne of France upon death of Charles VI; arranged marriage)
Henry V marries Catherine (daughter of Charles VI)
1421 Battle of Bauge (Scottish army helps French stop English incursion)
1422 Henry V dies; war continues in central France
1424 Gloucester marries Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut; Gloucester invades Holland to regain her former lands, putting him (and England) into conflict with Burgundy (Bedford mediates to maintain Burgundy as an ally)
1428 English begin siege of Orleans
Salisbury is killed at Meung-sur-Loire
1429 Fastolfe defeats French at the Battle of the Herrings
Joan la Pucelle (age 17) convinces Dauphin Charles (age 26) to send her to Orleans
Joan defeats Fastolfe and Talbot at Patay; Talbot taken hostage
Charles VII crowns self King of France
1430 English crown Henry VI King of France
Burgundy’s troops capture Joan and sells her to British
1431 Joan is tried, convicted, and executed for heresy
1433 Talbot is ransomed in exchange for Jean Poton
1435 Bedford dies
Burgundy sides with the French
1436 Henry VI names York (Plantagenet) named Lieutenant (Regent) of France
French take Paris
Talbot wins Battle of Ry near Rouen
1437 York asks to be recalled from France
Warwick is named as Lieutenant (Regent) of France
Talbot wins Battle of Crotoy
1439 Warwick dies
Talbot retakes Harfleur
1440 York is renamed as Lieutenant (Regent) of France
1441 Talbot wins, chasing French army across the Seine
1445 Talbot is named by Henry VI as Constable of France
1447 Somerset is renamed as Lieutenant of France
1449 Talbot is taken hostage at Rouen, promises never to wear armor against France
French retake Rouen
1450 French defeat English at Formigny
1451 French take Bordeaux
1453 Talbot and son (ages 63 and 30, respectively) are defeated and killed at Battle of Castillion (Bordeaux), ending English rule of Gascony, effectively ending the Hundred Years War
French generals raise monument to Talbot

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