Henry the Sixth is History: Historical Timeline

Here’s a rough assemblage of dates/events of historical importance to The First Part of Henry the Sixth… we’ll hit the military stuff tomorrow.

Year Event
1386 Henry V born
1411 Richard Plantagenet born
1413 Henry V becomes king
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1420 Treaty of Troyes (Henry V to inherit throne of France upon death of Charles VI; arranged marriage)
Henry V marries Catherine (daughter of Charles VI of France, age 18 [Henry V 33 at the time])
1421 Henry VI born
1422 Henry V dies
1423 Nobles swear loyalty to Henry VI
Bedford is named Regent of France
Gloucester is named Lord Protector (Gloucester marries Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut)
1424 Richard Plantagenet (age 13) is betrothed to Cecily Neville (age 9) by Ralph Neville (Earl of Westmoreland)
1425 Edmund Mortimer (Earl of March) dies at age of 34 of the plague as a free man (and high official of crown) in Ireland
Richard Plantagenet becomes Earl of March
1426 Beaufort becomes Cardinal
Exeter dies
1428 Warwick becomes Henry VI’s tutor
Gloucester’s marriage to Jacqueline is annulled
1429 Henry VI is crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey
1430 Margaret of Anjou born
1431 Catherine “marries” Owen Tudor
Catherine gives birth to Edmund Tudor
Gloucester marries Eleanor Cobham
1432 Plantagenet is granted Duke of York
1435 Bedford dies
1436 York (Plantagenet) is named Lieutenant (Regent) of France
1437 Catherine dies
Henry VI is declared of age
1441 Eleanor Cobham is convicted of witchcraft; marriage to Gloucester annulled; Cobham exiled and imprisoned
1442 Talbot is made Earl of Shrewsbury
1444 Treaty of Tours (Henry VI marriage agreement urged by Cardinal Beaufort and Suffolk)
1445 Henry VI marries Margaret

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