An Apology: This Podcast Interrupted by…

Every week we have a podcast (on Sunday).

This Sunday we won’t.  It may happen on Monday.  Or it may not happen at all this week.


Well, I could say that I’m taking the Labor Day weekend off.

But that would be a lie.

I’m a HUGE football fan (both metaphorically AND literally… I gotta drop some major poundage… but anyway…), and my beloved UCLA Bruins open the season tomorrow at the Rose Bowl.  So I’m not going to get around to doing this week’s podcast… I’m making that executive decision literally as I type this.

The podcast was going to be our usual in-depth synopsis of the play.  But I’m not done reading it yet… and won’t be before Sunday.

So no podcast this week… but that overview podcast will be published next Sunday (as scheduled, despite the fact that the family and I will be n Tennessee for the UCLA football game next weekend… see?  told you I’m a huge fan)… I’ll just record the podcast before I leave.

Sorry for the lack of content and the late notice, but hey, that’s football!

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