A Change in Plans?

Writing yesterday’s installment got me to thinking.

I miss the reading of the plays.

I miss the teaching of the plays.

But the think I think I miss the most is the discussion of the plays… the free and spirited exchange of ideas.

So how does this sound:

Let’s turn this into a mutated version of an online book club.

Look, I can be Oprah:  “You get Shakespeare! You get Shakespeare! And YOU get Shakespeare!”

I don’t expect everyone to read every play for discussion (hell, I don’t expect ANYone to read Timon of Athens), but the more the merrier.  Join the discussion.  Use the comments.  Make this conversation yours and not just mine.  Turn this soliloquy into dialogue.  And if we get enough people reading and willing to discuss, then maybe we can take the online comment thread to a new level… and do an occasional conference call (and maybe even record it for podcast posterity).

Just thinkin’ out loud, and dreamin’ big.

I’ll post the full schedule in tomorrow’s post… but remember:

July is The Comedy of Errors month!

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