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Friday Film Focus: Cymbeline (1913)

It’s May and a Friday, which means a new early (really early) summer blockbuster is being released. A couple of weeks back, it was the latest Guardians of the Galaxy flick. Today, something a little different: the 1913 silent film version of Cymbeline!

OK, so it’s not a theatrical release…but it’s our play under discussion, so just go with me, willya?

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Othello super-edit: “I hate the Moor…”

I’m wrapping up my viewings of the many videos of Othello, and, boy, are my eyes tired. (OK, not all of the versions, but many) I love how Iago’s Act One, Scene Three soliloquy with “I hate the Moor” can have a number of different readings.

You know me… just a boy with Premiere Pro and a desire to be always tinkerin’…

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