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Podcast 09: Titus in Pop Culture

This week’s podcast includes a review of the BBC Titus Andronicus and Julie Taymor Titus DVDs, plus a discussion of the rock band Titus Andronicus from Glen Rock, NJ.
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Podcast 05: The Comedy of Errors Wrap-Up

This week’s podcast includes the discussions of production concepts and possible casts for The Comedy of Errors. ¬†Also, this week: DVD reviews of the BBC’s production of The Comedy of Errors and the PBS documentary The Hobart Shakespeareans.
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Check out: Shakespeare Behind Bars

If you do Netflix (or if your DVD rental vendor of choice has a good selection of independent docs), do yourself a GREAT favor and check out Shakespeare Behind Bars, a documentary made back in ’05 about a volunteer theatre project at a Kentucky prison.

Thanks go out to BSP commenter Mashaw for pointing me in the direction of this film (her friend Shana was the directory of photography for the piece).

Check out their website.

It’s great stuff…